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With 3D printer, company builds house in only 24h spending $ 4 thousand

Since 3D printing has begun to get closer to a more intense way of people’s lives, a specific idea has been voiced countless times: the creation of homes using technology. And now one of these projects looks set to go out of business soon enough, able to build whole houses of 60 square meters in less than 24 hours and at a cost of only $ 4,000.

This is a startup project called Icon, which revealed its technology during the SXSW event in Austin, United States. To prove that the idea is ripe, Jason Ballard, founder of the company, says that he himself will be the guinea pig for one of the first models, which will be used as an office. The idea is to install air quality monitors to determine if there is any smell that might bother a resident, which could make the project unfeasible.

Ballard’s idea is to use the Vulcan printer to create cheap, quick-build houses to serve more than 1 billion people who do not have access to decent housing around the globe. Currently, the cost of producing one of these 60m² houses is US $ 10,000, but the company’s founder believes the value can be reduced by 60% in a short time.

After a period of testing and adjustment, Icon’s goal is to take this printer to El Salvador, where the company hopes to build 100 homes using its new technique. Now the question is whether the startup has what it takes to deliver on the promises to produce at the promised pace and, more importantly, within the projected budget. If successful, you can confirm that the future of homes made with 3D printers has finally arrived.


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