Monday , 20 August 2018
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Users report iPhone screen defect X

The owners of the iPhone X are complaining about a defect in the screen of the device. As Mac Rumors reports, a hardware problem causes a green line to appear along the screen.

At least 25 customers have shared photos of the defect in the company’s support forums and social networks since the launch of the iPhone X a week ago. Users claim that the green line was not visible on any of the affected units when they were first powered on. In addition, the handsets do not appear to have suffered any damage.

Restarting or even completely restoring the device does not remove the green line, which runs vertically along the right or left side of the screen, but which may also appear elsewhere on the display.

The problem is not limited to specific iPhone X models or markets; the reports that were made in the United States, Canada, Poland and Australia speak of devices of 64 GB and 256 GB.

Although Apple declined to comment on the case, customers say the company replaced the affected units for free.

The green line may be an isolated defect with the OLED screen of the iPhone X. Samsung Galaxy S7, which also uses the OLED, suffered a similar defect last year, in which a pink line appeared on some displays.