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Telegram for Android now plays videos as they are downloaded

Telegram for Android has gained a new feature that will greatly help watch videos sent by the messaging application: it has streaming support, which means the video starts playing while it’s being downloaded.

It’s how YouTube works: when the user gives play, the video starts playing even if it has not been downloaded completely. In WhatsApp, for example, playback starts only after the file is downloaded, which can take a while, depending on the user’s connection and the size of the video.

During playback, Telegram displays a gray band on the video progress bar, indicating how far the video has already been loaded. Another white band indicates how much of it has already been played, as shown in the image below:

In addition to streaming, version 4.8 of the Telegram for Android also gained news in the night mode, which can now be activated automatically or at specific times set by the user.

The Android update has already been made available and will be sent to app users on the Google system. IOS users should also gain the news soon.

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