Friday , 23 February 2018
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Chinese police adopt face recognition glasses

Chinese police have found a new way to keep watch over citizens. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, local police are wearing glasses equipped with face recognition cameras to detect criminals trying to escape mainly from the train stations. The technology uses a government identification database to verify each ...

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China uses facial recognition to monitor ‘suspects’ in peripheral region

China has already announced that it intends to use face recognition systems on public road cameras. But a report revealed that the country began to test this technology in peripheral regions where the ethnic and religious minorities of China are concentrated. According to information obtained by Bloomberg, the program has ...

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China will invest 13.8 billion yuan in artificial intelligence research

The Chinese government plans to invest a total of 13.8 billion yuan in the construction of a research park on artificial intelligence in the west of the capital Beijing, according to local Xinhua news. That investment, according to Reuters, is part of China’s plan to become the world’s leading researcher ...

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