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Sony still does not allow matches between PS4 and Xbox One, says Microsoft

“Fortnite Battle Royale” is one of the most played games of the moment. With a style very similar to “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, the game has versions for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and is also on the way to smartphones. The game will have cross-play support – which means that anyone on one platform can play against whoever is on another. But Sony does not want to make things easy for anyone who has Xbox One and has created a limitation on that feature.

When the “Fortnite Battle Royale” version for iOS and Android was announced (the game is being released gradually in iOS and arrives in the coming months to Android), Epic Games said that players of the mobile devices and PC could also play matches with who plays on PS4. Days later, the company also said that PC gamers and cell phones could play against users of Xbox One. But who has Xbox One can not play against those who have PS4.

To Kotaku, Microsoft said that it is the fault of Sony. “Microsoft has long been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform features and the potential to connect players on PC, mobile and consoles,” said a company representative. “We worked together with Nintendo to enable cross-network play between Xbox One and Switch and our offer to do the same with PlayStation players is still open.” In short, Sony has to do its part to make it work – Microsoft is willing to cooperate.

Epic Games and Sony did not respond to requests for comment on Microsoft’s statement to Kotaku.

It is not the first time Sony has allegedly prevented players from the PlayStation consoles from playing matches against anyone on an Xbox One. In 2016, the same thing happened with “Rocket League” – it is possible to play PS4 against PC and PC against Xbox One , but not on the PS4 against Xbox One. The game was later released for the Switch and also without option of game against PS4, although it is possible to play matches against who is on Xbox One. “Minecraft” also allows the same between mobile, PC , Xbox One and Switch, but not on PS4.

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