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Samsung has a solution to bring dual cameras to cheaper smartphones

Dual-camera fashion has taken over the smartphone market in the last year, but in most cases this technology remains available only on more expensive models. Samsung, however, has a plan to bring the novelty to more affordable lines.

The Korean company introduced this week the Isocell Dual, a set of components for the assembly of dual camera modules that the company plans to make available to other mobile phone manufacturers this year.

The hardware and software suite allows interested companies to put advanced camera features into incoming or intermediate phones. Among these features is the famous “portrait mode”, which blurs the background of a photo and leaves the foreground highlighted.

In addition, Isocell Dual also offers a different post-processing method that helps compensate for images captured in low-light environments, where even today many smartphones fail to separate light spots from dark ones without compromising overall quality of the photograph.

As The Verge explains, the idea is that companies that buy this package from Samsung can save money when setting up a smartphone, without having to invest so much in the development of its own dual camera. In theory, this allows the technology to become more accessible.

Samsung’s dual camera package comes with 13 MP and 5 MP sensors, plus an 8MP camera for low-light shots. In addition to it, the company also provides OLED screens, flash memory and other components to several competitors, including Apple, whose iPhone X uses a display made by the Korean rival.

Samsung should also use Isocell Dual in its own products, of course. Last Tuesday, 6, for example, the company brought to Brazil the Galaxy A8 and the A8 +, premium price smartphones that already come with dual front cameras and are cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8 first line, first of the brand to come with dual sensors.

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