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Qualcomm refuses new offer from Broadcom

Qualcomm has rejected the new takeover bid by Broadcom. In a statement posted on its official website, the chipmaker again said that the values ​​offered by the competitor undervalue Qualcomm.

This is the second time that the creator of the Snapdragon processors has resisted a Broadcom attack. At the end of last year, the US semiconductor maker offered $ 130 million to buy Qualcomm, with $ 103 billion for the company and another $ 25 billion to pay off a debt of Qualcomm. Following the refusal, Broadcom increased the offer to $ 121 billion, or $ 146 billion worth of debt.

The new offer put the value of each Qualcomm share at $ 82. In the statement, the Snapdragon maker asks whether it is the maximum value that Broadcom offers for the shares, or whether it is willing to pay even more for Qualcomm’s assets .

Another question is about regulatory issues. Qualcomm apparently fears that the agreement will not be approved by competent bodies and that the company will suffer damages as a result. So she asks if Broadcom is willing to take any action necessary to secure the acquisition if it happens.

After the first refusal, Qualcomm appears to have opened space to negotiate the merger with Broadcom. It remains to be seen to what extent the competitor is willing to negotiate, but it seems that a new major negotiation in the world of technology may be announced soon.

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