Sunday , 19 August 2018
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Pirate Bay’s most famous domain should be disabled this week

One of the most famous domains of The Pirate Bay should be turned off this week. Whoever accesses “” will no longer be redirected to the popular torrent site if the domain is not updated until Tuesday, 17.

The site TorrentFreak found that “” expired last week. The domain has been blocked by the Swedish Supreme Court, where the address is registered, and therefore will be difficult to update by the administrators on time.

Although it is most famous, the “.se” domain, which debuted in 2012, is not the first created by the founders of Pirate Bay. The first record, made in 2003 and used today, is “” . The address will eventually redirect the user to the real domain that the site currently uses.

Because of a number of threats and lawsuits, the Pirate Bay team needs to keep the website address constantly changing, to prevent the page from being blocked or taken from the air by the authorities. In this process, “.se” and “.org” addresses continued to be used to redirect users.

That is, with the expiration and consequent deactivation of “”, it remains for site users to only resort to “” if they wish to continue sharing torrents.