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Moto Z2 Force users complain that ‘unbreakable’ screen peels over time

Having an unbreakable screen is a cool feature for a cell phone, which makes the Moto Z2 Force a device unlike anything on the market. However, this feature is not very useful if the display’s unbreakable layer peels off after a few months of use, as several users report.

The Android Police website has identified a number of similar complaints in a number of places, including the XDA Developers forum, which brings together Android enthusiasts and developers, on Twitter, and of course the Lenovo and Motorola support forums, with several discussion pages on the theme.

The levels of damage vary. Some users have only a tiny bit of the first plastic layer of the ShatterShield screen peeling in the corner of the phone, but some of the cases are serious and show large pieces of plastic detached from the rest of the device.

For those who do not remember, the ShatterShield technology introduced by Motorola is comprised of several layers designed to protect the screen to the fullest. The outermost layer, which receives the touches, is a special plastic, created to be flexible and impact resistant, although it is more vulnerable to scratches than a Gorilla Glass. It’s that part of the display that’s peeling.

Users reporting the problem say they have a new mobile unit after reporting the problem to Motorola / Lenovo, but there is still no official and public positioning of the company on the issue.

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