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Leaked image indicates Galaxy S9 will keep headphone connector

New leaked images show one of the accessories that Samsung will launch along with the Galaxy S9 at the end of the month, and also indicate that the Korean manufacturer will not follow a trend of the market: conventional input of ear source will be retained in the new device .

The image was taken by VentureBeat journalist Evan Blass, known for his constant leaks of device images before the official announcement. The new photo shows the DeX Pad, which can be an evolution to the Galaxy S8’s DeX Station, an accessory that turns the smartphone almost into a PC for use with a monitor.

The DeX Pad has more USB inputs, an HDMI port and USB-C connector for power supply. It allows you to connect your mouse and keyboard to your smartphone, and it must also be compatible with the Galaxy S8.

In addition to the accessory, the picture shows more of the Galaxy S9 itself, including the conventional headphone jack located below the handset. The Bixby wizard button was also kept just below the volume controls.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be presented by the Korean manufacturer on February 25 at an event in Barcelona, ​​Spain, just before the official start of the Mobile World Congress 2018.

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