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Intel plans to launch smart glasses this year

Intel plans to launch a new pair of smart glasses this year. According to information released by Bloomberg, the device is known as “Superlite” and will be produced by Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer.

The glasses will be able to connect with the user’s smartphone through Bluetooth and will have a laser projector to display information in the person’s field of vision, such as photos, videos, routes, among others.

The company began investing in augmented reality a few years ago, especially when it bought Recon, a maker of smart glasses for sports, in June 2015. However, Intel reduced some of its consumer products efforts after not to advance in the market for portable technology and closed the Recon unit in October of last year.

Still, it’s worth it for the company to invest in smart glasses. Goldman Sachs Group estimates that the hardware market for augmented and virtual reality can be worth about $ 110 billion by 2025, so much so that companies like Apple and Amazon are developing projects for their own smart glasses.

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