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Google Project will allow your mobile to respond to your messages for you

Google’s Area 120 search team – an industry-focused industry dedicated to experimental projects – brings the “automatic responses” feature to key chat applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram. The system, now called “Reply”, is currently undergoing testing for volunteers.

According to TechCrunch, the idea of ​​the project is to create an extension of the automatic responses that already exist in Inbox. The system will be able to analyze the messages that the user receives and suggest some ready answers. In this case, it is sufficient that the person select an option and click “send” for the message to be sent. Suggestions will appear directly in the app notification, which will save even the job of opening the app to respond.

This feature should still have a number of smarter features, which use other data from the phone to generate the response. For example, if someone asks you “Have you arrived at the restaurant?”, The system will be able to analyze your location and see if the place you are in is a restaurant; in this case, he will give suggestions of “Yes, I have!” answers. Otherwise, he will offer suggestions on the line “Not yet, I’m coming”.

In case the user is driving to a location, on the other hand, the system may detect the movement and automatically generate a response such as “I can not speak, I’m driving”. If someone asks a “What time is it?” Question, Reply can also generate a route from your location to the location of the person who sent the message, giving the weather forecast (and allowing you to share the route with it ).

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