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Galaxy S9 passes resistance test with scratches and burns on the screen

The Galaxy S9 arrived with the promise of softening a major problem of its predecessor: the resistance. For this, Samsung has equipped its top of the line with a thicker glass and a more durable 7000 series aluminum. The changes have been put to the test in a durability test that involves scratches, wingspan and even burns.

Published by the JerryRigEverything channel, famous for this type of content, the resistance test starts with scratches on the device’s infinite screen. The Galaxy S9’s Gorilla Glass 5 display resisted five force levels, displaying on-screen marks from the sixth level of pressure. The same super-tough glass is present at the rear of the model.

Although the sides have been reinforced with a 7000 series aluminum, the Samsung phone remains susceptible to scratches. The same can be observed in the digital player, although the component continued to function. Finally, the top of the line easily withstood the test of wingspan, not presenting damages due to the force applied to the body of the apparatus. Watch the full video:

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