Friday , 25 May 2018
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Fatal crash requires Microsoft to re-enable Skype for Windows

A bug discovered in the Windows version of Skype will require more than a simple upgrade. Microsoft will need to recreate the app to fix the vulnerability that is quite serious, according to security researchers.

The flaw was discovered by security researchers Stefan Kanthak. By exploiting it, a hacker can gain system access and basically do whatever he wants with the victim’s computer, such as stealing files, erasing data, and even running ransomwares.

Microsoft acknowledged the existence of the flaw, and according to Kanthak even managed to replicate the bug in tests made by its researchers. But the fix will not be as simple as dropping a security update for Skype – you need to do a major overhaul of the app codes.

Now, Microsoft says it is working on developing a new client for Skype, according to ZDNet, and only with the release of the new version will the bug be fixed. There is no prediction as to when this will happen.

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