Monday , 20 August 2018
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Partnership between Xbox and PlayStation depends on Sony, reinforces Microsoft

During his visit to Brazil Game Show, Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, once again spoke about the possibility that one day people will have the opportunity to play with friends who have different consoles – and once again lack of support from Sony in this endeavor. “With ‘Minecraft’ on PlayStation, ...

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Artificial intelligence manages to recreate phases of ‘Super Mario’

It is common for scientists to use artificial intelligence to perform tasks that humans can complete, such as winning a game. What is not common is researchers using these technologies to accomplish another task that can be done by humans, such as creating a game. Scientists at the Georgia Institute ...

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Super Mario is no longer a plumber

As it does not stop to launch games starring Super Mario, Nintendo decided to update the story of the mustachioed plumber. And in what should surprise many, the company informs that it is no longer plumber. This finding appeared on the official website of Mario in Japan. Kotaku translated the ...

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