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After launching rocket to Mars, SpaceX to launch broadband satellite

After the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket – which may one day bring mankind to Mars – SpaceX is turning again to Earth’s inhabitants. The company’s next mission will be to put into orbit a broadband internet satellite, which could lead to network access to places in the world where access is still scarce.

This mission is part of a plan by the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, enunciated since November 2016. The ultimate goal is to create a network with 4,400 satellites that will be able to provide internet access services to virtually the entire globe , with connections up to 1 Gbps. According to a letter sent by the company to the US communications regulator, the company will launch a Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday containing two such satellites, called “Starlink.”

The company itself has reported on Twitter that it will launch a rocket on Saturday. However, she said only that the rocket will carry loads related to a mission called “Peace”, funded by the government of Mexico. The company statement can be seen below:

According to The Next Web, the launch will happen even earlier than originally planned by the company. It’s possible that satellites are just a test, and it still takes a long time to get started – maybe that’s why the company was relatively quiet about the launch.

It may seem strange that a space exploration company is engaged in telecommunications. However, The Next Web believes that these services can be part of SpaceX’s plan: it can sell extremely fast internet access worldwide and, with the money raised, help fund its primary goal of bringing humanity to Mars from the next years.

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